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The Poetry of Gary W. Sherwin

Sunlight Brush Image
This is Nothing?


If you ask me if I am here, I will say, "No."
And if you ask me where I am, I will reply,
"Do you really want to know?"
And if you answer, "Yes.", and then wait to listen
I will say,

"Let me show you to a place so crowded, there are no people
Where questions and answers of galactic scope focus on a point
A point outside my mind, but still within sight
A point that sits just beyond the rules of human logic."

When we reach this point, I will ask, "Do you understand?
Then if You say, "Yes I do", I will continue to give you explanation
But if you say, "No.", Then you are incapable of understanding
And I will say, "Forget it." And only I will know my reason


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